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PSSST The Speaker Company

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Pssst The Speaker Company – voice out your social concerns anonymously!

PSSST is a platform and tool for sublte activism, designed to drive change in the context of social issues. It’s goal is to give a voice (quite literally!) to the unheard citizen, encouraging the user to take action and involve masses to support their cause, yet relying on indirect messaging, allowing the user to stay anonymous.


The PSSST speaker is a device that broadcasts your message as an audio recording to passers-by. In such a visually saturated environment as a city, we chose audio as the most potential broadcasting method. The speakers are embedded in rolls of tape, allowing the user to deploy it in any environment. It differs from conventional methods of activism because it targets peers rather than authorities. It seeks the attention and action of people in proximity of the broadcasted message, gaining awareness and support for your cause. You can see the accumulating effect of your message in both the physical and digital world, with the web platform keeping track of how many people have taken note of your broadcast.




The website hosts a digital platform for the PSSST community, where you can choose or create a cause and message regarding a social issue you support. You then lease a speaker and keep track of it using the unique speaker ID.



Inspired by Ants

PSSST The Speaker Company was developed to enable subtle and meaningful activism based on the principles of ant pheromone communication. Like ant pheromones, PSSST communication relies on indirect messaging that is anonymous. Ants leave pheromone messages in the environment that imply reaction from the next ant who finds it. Like ants, PSSST aims to leave messages in a context, in an evironment most suitable for the broadcast. Both systems strive to involve masses and build great things, and gains it’s validation from iterative actions of the individuals.





The System

The PSSST system creates a circular engagement model for subtle activism. It attemps to engage people who hear the broadcasted messages and grab the attention of masses. Feedback and information flows to and from the website. The speaker leaser can give feedback to the website of the speakers location, to inform others where which message is already being broadcasted. People who hear the message are directed to the website, where they will gain more information about the cause.

The website will also keep track of how many followers and how much traction each cause and message has gained.

All speakers are leased, not bought. PSSST The Speaker Company wants to encourage the users to take good care of the speakers, but want to take final responsibility, so when the leasing period is over or a speaker is damaged, it can be sent back to the company with paid for shipping.


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Pssst The Speaker Company was created together with Judith Beger, Iddo Wald and Katarzyna Zmyslona.