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How often do you concentrate on the sensory messages your body is sending your brain? My final RCA master’s project, Flair, investigates the mind-body dualism in the context of body control and body understanding. In extreme pleasure or extreme pain, the brain can hardly disregard the body, but what if you had the ability to enhance your body sensing at will?

The body has never been as hot a topic and as little used for physical labor as in the 21st We experience our bodies mostly in front of a computer, in a sitting position for a majority of the day. Physical exercise has become a consumer product, a million-pound industry for  gyms and a million-pound loss for the public health sector, as people suffer from side effects of neglecting their physical selves.

Flair is based on increased proprioceptive signals through tactile sense. The human body has remarkable capabilities in sending, receiving and interpreting signals between the brain and the body. The touch sense, as an essential part of proprioception, body understanding and awareness, is often overlooked.


Although technology has given way for electronic data gathering and sensing in humans, I strongly feel that the capabilities humans possess as highly sophisticated biological machines are far more advanced than manmade devices. I don’t see a cyborg future as a dystopia, but find it amusing how humans trust man-made sensors over biological ones, when we are still incapable of engineering a human body. This respect for evolution, so to speak, pushed me towards enhancing existing abilities of  humans, instead of creating new ones using electronic sensor technology.

Flair is completely based on enhancing the existing abilities of the human body, without electronics, creating a superpower out of your tactile sense.